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Carolyn Pachas interviewed a famous flamenco dancer from Spain, Alejandro Granados. She edited and published this interview on YouTube. She included pictures and information on her blog about this interview.

The Interview Podcast of Alejandro Granados-famous flamenco dancer

In our interview, we will cover the perspective of a flamenco dancer, and how this art form has transformed his personal life. Additionally, we will ask his advice  for the flamenco beginner.

Hello everyone, today we are sharing a great interview we did to a great flamenco artist, Alejandro Granados. As part of our podcast series in Spain, I wanted to share a pleasant experience that I had. In April, 2017 I met Alejandro Granados at the Pasion y Arte Flamenco Studio in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania. The studio is directed by Elba Hevia y Vaca. He shared with us not only his tips on buleria flamenco, but his devotion to this artform, and how it has helped him throughout his lifetime. Alejandro only speaks Spanish, therefore, we are including the transcript with the video link:

Podcast-Alejandro Granados Interview


From original blog:


English Transcript:

Hello, and welcome to our podcast. I am Carolyn Pachas. As part of our series of Spain, I wanted to share a pleasant experience that I had. In April, I met a great artist and master of flamenco dance, Alejandro Granados. Born in Madrid in 1961, with an extensive and solid professional dance career. When we spoke, he shared some of his contributions:

  • Participation in the National Ballet of Spain.
  • Guest artist and choreographer of the Andalusian Ballet.
  • With his company he premiered the Festival de Jerez with the show Sabor Anejo.
  • As a theater interpreter  with the Spanish Ballet of Madrid he did Yerma y Amargo.
  • In the Maestranza of Seville he did Medea
  • He was in Fedra
  • He was in Troy- 21st century, at the Real Teatro Clásico of Mérida.

Today he tours with his company all over the world contributing his knowledge of flamenco and sharing with his colleagues.


Let’s hear the interview:

English Translation of Alejandro Granados Interview

Carolyn: Alejandro, thank you for accepting this interview for our podcast.

The first question is, with all your trajectory in different forms of dance, you have dedicated yourself to flamenco, how has your life changed with flamenco?

Alejandro: “Well, I have to say that I have changed and I have chosen flamenco as a form of expression because I was going with my way of being. Then, as I have been in my present state of my life, of my evolution as a person, flamenco has given me the power to walk together hand in hand. ”

Carolyn: What has been your most enjoyable experience teaching flamenco?

“Well, I am always very grateful because when you see that the students are enjoying themselves, and especially when they learn something new, it is a satisfaction because within everything there is a responsibility for the teacher to always give the correct information to the students.

Carolyn: What advice do you give to a flamenco beginner?

Alejandro: “To dedicate themselves better to football, it makes more money” says Alejandro laughing and talking to his collaborator Elba Hevia y Vaca, who sweeps the floors on one side of the studio. She agrees laughing back. He continues:

“Well, like any vocational profession, or any expression, you have to enjoy it, but you also have to work hard. So I want to say that no matter how talented I am, things do not happen if I don’t work hard, So have a good time but also work hard.”

Carolyn: Well, thank you for participating in our podcast, I wish you good luck.

Alejandro: “of course, of course.”

Carolyn: And welcome to Pennsylvania again and we hope to see you back soon.

Alejandro: “I hope, yes, and in Puerto Rico too.”

Carolyn: and in Puerto Rico, thank you so much.

That was Alejandro Granados, in an interview for our podcast back on April 28, 2017 from the Pasion y Arte Flamenco Conservatory located in Philadelphia. You can read the English version of this interview on our blog:  https://flamencodancesite.wordpress.com/2017/07/07/podcast-alejandro-granados-interview-transcript/

Thank you for listening.

Biography courtesy of: Alejandro Granados

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