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My name is Carolyn Pachas, and I am a digital marketing specialist. I am excited to share with you the work I do, and my passion for the digital world. I prefer to call myself the constant learner, and then turn what I learned into success. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Professional Communications & Emerging Media from Philadelphia University, now known as Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. I have years of experience in sales, real estate, nonprofit, teaching adult learners at the local Community College, and events. I also like dogs, cats, and squirrels. I am also a Flamenco learner, but I wouldn’t want you to see me doing that just yet. Feel free to email me at cpachas100@gmail.com or call 215-718-5626.

Digital Marketing Expert

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Ads Analyst
  • Video and podcast writing & editor
  • Website Management
  • SEO
  • Data Analytics
  • Communications
  • Resource Development for Nonprofits


CMI Media Group

June, 2021- February, 2022

  • Comprehensive data analysis of campaigns
  • Monthly and quarterly reporting
  • Marketing campaign presentations
  • Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/LinkedIn and Google Analytics

Communications Director (volunteer work)

BW Nice Bucks County Chapter-networking group

November 2020-2021

  • Create email marketing campaigns
  • Responsible for the organization’s in house and external communications.

Social Media Specialist

Franklin Payments – Freelance

February, 2021-2022

  • Create posts
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase leads
  • Marketing Consultation

Website Management

Bryan Hughes Business Connections – Freelance

June 2020-2022

  • Website Creation
  • Management
  • HTML
  • SEO Strategy
  • Google Analytics
  • Membership Profile Management
  • Content Writing
  • Consultation


Resource Development & Digital Marketing Specialist

YWCA Bucks County

November 2018-2021

  • Successfully increased social media followers by 90%.
  • Wrote posts that brought in 2,197 engagements.
  • Successfully monetized YWCA Bucks County Facebook Fan Page within a year of work.
  • Created and organized a new fundraising event that filled 300 seats, bringing in $1,300 in revenue.
  • Created and edited a marketing campaigns with email marketing, video and social media posts for Covid-19 funds, which produced an extra revenue in $5,000 in the summer and winter months.
  • Managed website publications
  • Maintain a social media schedule
  • Edit and Produce Videos – visit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5bX-jQAqSyxlHn96sLoJmg/videos
  • Increased brand awareness in networking groups, bringing 900 new contacts and donors.

Social Media Specialist

Janet Bonin-Family Coach in Houston, Texas

August 2018-Dec 2018

Social Media Specialist

Rachel Webb Travel Blog Company in Jaen, Spain

August 2018-Dec 2018

Worked as a social media specialist for Rachel Webb’s company which was stationed overseas. Through the internet, we worked together on establishing her as the expert on boutique hotels in Spain.

  • Strategic digital planning and schedule of weekly digital content utilizing Hootsuite.
  • Edited and wrote social media content promoting Rachel’s website, https://onlyspain.org/
  • Published travel content to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Help maintain and protect online brand and voice of client
  • Share informative content to followers.
  • Increase following in social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Consult and provide ideas to improve current blog and social media.

Digital Marketing Specialization: Create, edit and publish advertisements, promotional information and informative videos of the organization through social media platforms. Website management, and data analysis. She was awarded the Quality of Life Award by the Lower Bucks Chamber of Commerce for her work in the nonprofit sector.

Carolyn was the winner of the Quality of Life Award at the Lower Bucks Chamber Champions of Commerce Awards in 2019.

Technical Skills

Email Marketing

  • MailChimp
  • ConstantContact
  • Directlync


  • DonorPerfect
  • Luminate
  • Blackbaud


  • Trello

Website Creation and Management

  • WordPress
  • GoDaddy
  • Website Management
  • HTML
  • SEO Strategy
  • Google Analytics
  • Membership Profile Management
  • Content Writing
  • Consultation

Content Management

  • Facebook Business Manager
  • Hootsuite
  • Sprout Social
  • Crowdfire
  • Salesforce
  • Hubspot
  • Pixel
  • Feedly

Content Creation:

  • AdobeCreative
  • Photoshop
  • Canva
  • Fivver

Video Creation and Editing

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok


GenM: Digital Marketing Certification

Google: Google Analytics

HubSpot: Inbound Marketing


  • Sales: Business to Consumer Online Sales
  • Content Marketing for Social Media
  • SEO: Keyword Strategy

Twitter Flight School:

  • Video and Content

Villanova University: TESOL Certificate: To teach English as a Second Language (worldwide)

Currently studying her MBA in Marketing at LaSalle University

Bilingual: Fluent also in Spanish

Video Work

Franklin Payments Credit Card Video Campaign #1

Franklin Payments Credit Card Video Campaign #2

Flamenco Show – Fundraising Event Video Campaign

Help the YWCA with your Donation Campaign

Travel for a Cause! YWCA Travel Fundraising Event-Silent Auction with AmFund – Campaign

Covid-19 Fundraising Campaignwith Carolyn Pachas’ voice

Thank You to our Supporters Video

Holiday Thank You Videovoice of child was Carolyn’s with special editing program to change voice.

Teaching Experience

Carolyn is an experienced ESL Instructor (English-As-A-Second Language) at the Bucks County Community College. At this time, she is teaching online through Zoom due to the Covid-19 restrictions. She also does educational videos on Facebook Live with weekly tips on how to use digital marketing on social media. She provides virtual workshops to businesses and networking groups on how to use social media to their advantage. Her two most important webinars are The Art of Video Content in Social Media, and How to Build a Strong Business Through LinkedIn.

Carolyn provided a set of webinars through the Bryan Hughes Business Connections in November, 2020

Work at the YWCA Bucks County

Work in Digital Marketing & Resource Development

  • Create content for social media and email marketing.
  • Write monthly newsletters.
  • Creates a yearly marketing schedule of events and social media promotion for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • Planning, implementation and follow up for special events throughout the year.
  • Coordinate logistics publicity, including public relations, advertising and collateral material design, production and distribution.
  • Supervise and coordinate with event contractors.
  • Write, submit and follow up press releases.
  • Maintain and create e newsletters, and website.
  • Take photographs and video for publicity purposes.
  • Created a podcast and video to promote the organization and help increase awareness.
  • Maintain donor database
  • Write thank you letters
  • Recruit, screen, and interview volunteers throughout the year.
  • Google Analytics
  • SEO Analysis

Website Management

Create and Manage the Bryan Hughes Business Connections website, and update the membership list.

Managed and edited the YWCA Bucks County website.

Bryan Hughes Business Connections Website

YWCA Website and Podcast

YWCA Bucks County website: https://www.ywcabucks.org/

Podcast: https://www.ywcabucks.org/ywca-bucks-county-podcast/

YWCA Bucks County Website
YWCA Podcast

Carolyn currently works as a Resource Developer, Events Coordinator & Marketing Specialist for the YWCA Bucks County. She is a member of the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce and the Women in Business Committee. She is also a member of the Lower Bucks Chamber of Commerce Women in Business Committee, and the Women in Business Nice. She was awarded the Champion of Commerce Quality of Life Award in 2019 by the Lower Bucks Chamber of Commerce. She is also a member of the Bryan Hughes Business Connections.

Carolyn Pachas graduated from Philadelphia University (now Thomas Jefferson University) in 2017, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Professional Communications & Emerging Media. She is actively seeking work in digital marketing.

She specializes in digital marketing, social media, webinars, and blog writing. She worked on two apprenticeships to sharpen and share her expertise with businesses, and increase her sphere of influence.

Email Marketing Event Invitation

Work History

Carolyn worked for the YWCA Bucks County first managing a Family Center, helping the needy, and providing presentations on various workshops focused on ESL, Financial Literacy, Healthy Living, Parenting,  and Employment. With her experience in the nonprofit sector as a service provider and collaborator, she is a great asset for any company in understanding clients’ needs. As part of her nonprofit work, she has participated of leadership training provided by LaSalle University. Previously she was a Realtor for Coldwell Banker Hearthside until 2009.

In 2018 the YWCA Bucks County offered her the position of Resource Developer/Events Coordinator. She manages the YWCA social media accounts, as well as their website. In 2019 Carolyn planned and created other forms of advertising to go accordingly with the organization’s marketing plan through social media video creation, podcasts, and promoting fundraising events. As a result, Carolyn brought in more resources, donors and collaborators. In only one year, the Facebook account increased from 99 followers, when she started in January 2019, to 954 followers at present. The YWCA Bucks County was suffering of a lack of recognition in the county for its works in the community. It was often been confused by the YMCA. Now the YWCA is being recognized, and everyone in the area knows what the organization is all about thanks to the networking efforts Carolyn has done.

Fundraising Events

Throughout the year, Carolyn Pachas has done two other important events: The
Gala Salute to Women Who Make a Difference in Bucks County, which brings 2,000 people each year, and the Designer Bag Bingo, which brings around 300 people. Additionally, Carolyn brought in a new fundraising event that went on with the mission of the YWCA: A cultural event that brought in 300 new donors to the organization.

Invitation card for Suspiro Flamenco Show Fundraiser

Carolyn created a cultural event to focus more on the mission of the YWCA organization on eliminating racism and empowering women. The event was a Flamenco Show that Carolyn organized called Suspiro Flamenco Show. Carolyn brought in Flamenco dancer Liliana Ruiz with her Suspiro Flamenco group to perform. The show brought 300 people, and was done at the Bucks County Community College. It offered free tapas and a glass of wine per ticket purchased. The show was a success, and the college and board members at the YWCA thought they should repeat this event for the next Fall semester of 2020. Carolyn was responsible for also promoting such event, and make sure of its success.

Salute to Women Gala Event 2020

The biggest fundraising event of the year is the Annual Salute to Women Who Make a Difference in Bucks County. This event brings in around 250 to 300 people. The location for the event is Spring Mill Manor in Ivyland. During the three hours of the event after arrival there is a cocktail hour, then a sit down dinner, where the event progresses into announcements by the MC, and the honorees start to receive their awards and give speeches. During the event there will be a silent auction to help with the fundraiser. Carolyn is responsible of selling ads for the event’s program, find donors to the silent auction, design this years’ poster for all of promotional materials, including invitations, and the marketing plan. Carolyn creates and sends emails, posts for social media, and announcements for the event. She is also responsible for all press releases, and the announcement of the honorees. During the event she will assist the Assistant Director, and coordinate with the press, photographer and videographer.

Designer Bag Bingo Promotion

The second largest event is the Designer Bag Bingo celebrated in November each year. Carolyn is responsible for getting silent auction of the designer bags, the marketing plan which includes email marketing, design, editing and creation of all posters and pictures to promote the event through social media and emails. During the event planning, Carolyn assists the board committee with co-hosting the event, and through the event night she is directing the DJ and is coordinating with the Assistant Director.

A small event that Carolyn directs is the Book Fair, in collaboration with Barnes & Noble in Neshaminy Mall. Each year, the YWCA celebrates Reading to End Racism. A hallmark program by the National YWCA geared to eliminate racism through education. Carolyn is responsible with organizing the event with Barnes & Noble, and promoting the event. There is a press release, email marketing, and social media posts. The event is always celebrated in February to coincide with Black History Month.

During the Coronavirus Pandemic

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the YWCA Bucks County had to postpone programs and services. Staff had to work from home, and programs that were postponed, relied on grants that were stopped. Due to the need for the YWCA to still provide services to their clients remotely, Carolyn created a fundraising marketing plan to help the YWCA stay afloat during this crisis. As part of the marketing campaigns she sent emails to funders and followers where she first had a letter from the CEO with a message of understanding and compassion to the reader. In the letter the organization explained their office closure due to the virus pandemic, but that staff will be serving clients from home, and working remotely. The second letter that was emailed was two weeks later to let people know what the organization has been doing through the Coronavirus pandemic, a list of services still provided, and how your donations are being used. At the end of the letter, we don’t obligate anyone to donate, for we know these are hard times for everyone, but if people donate to the YWCA, we are very grateful for keeping our clients in your thoughts. The donation button was added with the link at the end of the letter. A day after the letter was sent, another email was sent with an attractive subject line. The email included a video Carolyn created to talk about the work the organization has done to help others during the Coronavirus pandemic. Throughout the pandemic, Carolyn took care of social media accounts by posting about various resources for people to use like links to the CDC, the unemployment website, housing departments, and provided links and ideas for parents that were teaching online. Carolyn also provided positive posts, and anything that the government would send agencies to disseminate through their socials to maintain the people informed.

Here is the video that Carolyn created and edited with her own voice.

Video Editing

Carolyn is responsible for creating and editing videos to promote the YWCA Bucks County programs. Since the organization lacks funds for marketing and advertisement, Carolyn has to be creative in creating podcasts, video, and promote in the website and social media platforms. She has created videos using WeVideo, Bigvu, Animoto, and edited her podcasts with Audacity. Using free versions of some of these programs, were necessary in order to promote the YWCA’s work. Sometimes just grabbing a mobile phone and interviewing a client was sufficient to create a great annual appeal campaign like the Rapid Rehousing Video below. Visit http://www.ywcabucks.org

Promo Video: Fundraising Event-Suspiro Flamenco

Carolyn creates and edits content in the YWCA Bucks County website, to promote programs, events, and the organization’s mission and other important information.

2019 Holiday Thank You Video

Suspiro Flamenco Show in October, 2019

Previous Work

Janet Bonnin’s Fine Tuned Families Website and Blog

She first apprenticed for Janet Eisworth Bonnin, an experienced Family Growth Coach. She spearheaded Janet’s business social media accounts and increased her social media following. As part of her work for Janet Bonnin, she researched and was a guest writer for Janet’s Fine Tuned Families blog. As part of her digital work, she edited and published videos for Janet. She helped create promotional material for Janet’s business for Facebook and LinkedIn. You can find Janet Bonnin’s website at https://www.finetunedfamilies.com/ Janet’s blog is: http://finetunedfamilies.blogspot.com/

Work with Companies Overseas

Her second apprenticeship was for a travel business called Only Spain Hotel Boutiques. The owner, Rachel Webb, needed someone to help her increase her following, and create an awareness on other hotel owners. Since Rachel is a travel planning expert, she also needed clients to know about her services on travel planning and hotel knowledge.

onlyspain.org Banner

Carolyn established a digital schedule for Rachel’s daily promotion, which included concised advertising of Janet’s visits and promotions of different boutique hotels around Spain. These daily promotions were on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Carolyn also made sure to comment and even acknowledge other hotels to establish other hotel owner connections for Janet. As part of her assignments, it was to revamp Rachel’s onlyspain.org blog’s banner and include a new logo. Carolyn created a new banner incorporating the new logo.

In her personal time, Carolyn is a Flamenco dance student, and a mother of two. She spends her free time with her family, which includes Munchie, her Yorkie. She also writes a flamenco blog called Flamenco Dance Site, which is dedicated to her personal journey with flamenco, as a testament of perseverance and the understanding of other cultures.  You can check her flamenco blog here: https://bit.ly/2RcWUHZ

To contact Carolyn, email her at cpachas100@gmail.com  or call 1-215-718-5626.

Chamber of Commerce Quality of Life Awards

Carolyn became the winner of the Quality of Life Award in 2019, from the Lower Bucks Chamber of Commerce for her work in the nonprofit sector, helping in the community of Bucks County, and achieving great work through the promotion of the YWCA.

Phone (215) 718-5626 E-mail cpachas100@gmail.com Hours Mon through Fri 9 am to 5 pm
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