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Carolyn is knowledgeable in MailChimp, ConstantContact, DonorPerfect, Luminate, Blackbaud, WordPress, Office Suite, Adobe Suite, Hootsuite, Google Analytics, AdWords, and various video and photo editing programs.

She currently works as a Resource Developer, Events Coordinator & Social Media Specialist for the YWCA Bucks County. She is a member of the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce and the Women in Business Committee.

Carolyn Pachas graduated Cum Laude from Philadelphia University in 2017, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Professional Communications & Emerging Media. She is actively seeking work in digital marketing, social media, or fundraising. You can see some examples of her work on the blog section.

She specializes in digital marketing, social media, finding resources, and blog writing. She worked on two apprenticeships to sharpen and share her expertise with business people, and increase her sphere of influence.

Janet Bonnin’s Fine Tuned Families Website and Blog

She first apprenticed for Janet Eisworth Bonnin, an experienced Family Growth Coach. She spearheaded Janet’s business social media accounts and increased her social media following. As part of her work for Janet Bonnin, she researched and was a guest writer for Janet’s Fine Tuned Families blog. As part of her digital work, she edited and published videos for Janet. She helped create promotional material for Janet’s business for Facebook and LinkedIn. You can find Janet Bonnin’s website at https://www.finetunedfamilies.com/ Janet’s blog is: http://finetunedfamilies.blogspot.com/

Her second apprenticeship was for a travel business called Only Spain Hotel Boutiques. The owner, Rachel Webb, needed someone to help her increase her following, and create an awareness on other hotel owners. Since Rachel is a travel planning expert, she also needed clients to know about her services on travel planning and hotel knowledge.

onlyspain.org Banner

Carolyn established a digital schedule for Rachel’s daily promotion, which included well-concised advertising of Janet’s visits and promotions of different boutique hotels around Spain. These daily promotions were on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Carolyn also made sure to comment and even acknowledge other hotels to establish other hotel owner connections for Janet. As part of her assignments, it was to revamp Rachel’s onlyspain.org blog’s banner and include a new logo. Carolyn created a new banner incorporating the new logo.

Carolyn previously worked in the nonprofit sector, managing a Family Center, helping the needy, and providing presentations on various workshops focused on Financial Literacy, Healthy Living,  and Employment. She is also an ESL instructor for the Bucks County Community College. With her experience in the nonprofit sector as a service provider and collaborator, she is a great asset for any company in the understanding of clients’ needs. As part of her nonprofit work, she has participated of leadership training provided by LaSalle University.

Flamenco Dance Site https://flamencodancesite.wordpress.com/

In her personal time, Carolyn is a Flamenco dance student, and a mother of two. She spends her free time with her family, which includes Munchie, her Yorkie. She also writes a flamenco blog called flamencodancesite, which is dedicated to her personal journey with flamenco, as a testament of perseverance and the understanding of other cultures.  You can check her flamenco blog here: https://bit.ly/2RcWUHZ

To contact Carolyn, email her at cpachas100@gmail.com  or call 1-215-718-5626.

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